Friday, May 24, 2013

Official Lemonade Stand

So, after my last post of our pretend Lemonade Stand, we had a real one.  This time, for a good cause.  It was service project week for moms group and we were trying to think of something that 10 kids under 6 could actually do.  Hence, the lemonade stand was born.  A two year old from our church was recently diagnosed with cancer and we thought, what a great way to help their family out.  We talked and prayed for their family in the week ahead and made sure the kids knew the reason why we were doing the lemonade stand.  They loved it.  Especially Avery, who is quite the natural saleswoman.  We had the stand in my front yard, which is across from an elementary school. This was perfect on this super hot(103 degree) day.  We were shocked when we counted all the money after we were done, $300!  That's right, we were in shock, but feel like God truly provided.  If you want to read more about Hazel, the little girl we helped, here is the link to her blog.

Kinley was sleeping and Sadie had gone home, but this is most of the moms group kids.  We have been together as a group since our oldest kids were babies and I can't even express what an amazing thing it is to have these people in my life.  It doesn't hurt that we are live in such close proximity.

Kinely turns Two

Kinley turned two, not sure how that happened.  She is so sweet and lovable, but no longer a baby :(  Sad for me.  She is starting to be "two,"  which makes me sad, but I know just comes with the territory. We didn't have a party this year, just a few quaint gatherings.  We celebrated with our moms group friends at the park with some cupcakes, she got so shy and started to cry, that is so her.  Adorable.  We also went to CPK for dinner with her cousins.  She loved it.  I love watching this girl grow up, what a blessing she is to our family.  

 My big girl in her birthday dress
 Kinley being shy during the singing of happy birthday.  

 Avery comforting her
 Finally smiles on the swing.
 Birthday morning, she got a doggy which she always eyes at target

 My adorable nephew, oh I love him and so do my kids.  

This picture makes me smile.  My girls adore their cousins so much, so fun to go out to dinner together.  

Easter 2013

We had a good Easter this year.  The kids had a blast dying the eggs, we used a whisk (thank you pinterest)  and even Kinley could do it by herself!  Success.  The girls had their baskets hidden and Kinley found hers right away, like she had been doing it for years, so cute.  We went to Wes' grandparents and did the traditional egg hunt, which both girls LOVED.  Avery has started to look forward to going there, and this makes me so happy that she is loving the traditions.  Fun times.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

"Lemonade Stand"

Avery asked to set up a Lemonade stand and since I didn't have any Lemonade, it really became a water stand.  Really, the kids didn't care, they had fun pouring the water into their cups, and drinking it.  Just a cute kid moment.


So we decided to do our annual Disneyland trip early this year to celebrate Wes getting a new job.  In November his company decided to relocate to the East Coast, and we did not.  So we found ourselves with three months off with daddy.  It was actually a really nice three months and we did a lot of fun activites including: the zoo, and the California Science Center.  Once again, my children were not cooperating with the camera, but at least we got a few pictures to remember the event.  Kinley did great for being almost two and was a trooper all day without a nap.

 So notice the missing front tooth!!!!  Back in January, Kinley slipped and hit her front tooth on a cement block.  We thought the tooth fell out, but no it was all the way up into her gum!!!!!  So bad.  It is coming back down crooked but non the less it is coming down.  

 Sleepy girl

Christmas 2012

So I am well aware that is it spring and I am just now getting to the Dec. post.  Awww.  I am a bit behind and trying to catch up.  We had a great Christmas with our usual traditions of going to G&G Seals for Christmas Eve and Wes' sister's for Christmas dinner.  We were horrible picture takers this year however!  So here are a few mediocre ones.  I also added our amazing family pictures from our Christmas cards.  It should have been a whole other post but since I am playing catch up, it is included here.